Hi there,

Ryan McKinney here – I’m glad you’re here. I was born and raised in New Jersey before moving out west to California to attend Stanford. The intersection of Computer Science and Biology has intrigued me and led to my B.S. in Computer Science specializing in Biocomputation. I’ve explored many ideas in the social consumer space building and shipping a dozen products from 2014 to present. I’ve also worked on some research projects in the computational genomics space.

While I was at Stanford, I joined Kernel as the first intern, helping to build a mind/body/machine interface (MBMI). I am grateful for the opportunity to spend significant time with the founder, Bryan Johnson (Braintree, OS Fund). I worked with Bryan in a Chief of Staff capacity across Kernel, OS Fund, and a special project, absorbing and synthesizing along the way.

During my last year at Stanford I started exploring the application of voice technology towards human problems - hacking together prototypes for a long-form conversational platform. Existing technologies are well suited for short command-and-response use-cases (ala Siri, Alexa, etc). However, they fall short when it comes to actually engaging in a many-minute long conversation.

After I graduated, I started Symbiose Technologies to build co-evolving symbiotic technology that enhances and amplifies our humanity.

We have created a novel Empathic Intelligence that stimulates human growth by improving our emotions, cognition, and behavior. Our first product leveraging this technology is an iOS app called Mindscribe.

We’ve raised financing from some of the greatest investors in Silicon Valley and are rapidly executing to bring our vision to reality. If this resonates with you – we are hiring! Shoot me a note at ryan AT symbioseinc DOT COM.

Thanks for reading!